The Road to Hana

Alan Siegel is an ASCAP songwriter and his music is played on the radio every year. Alan has written an Animated Movie Musical set in Hawaii called “The Road to Hana”. The music embraces the outstanding melodies of the great composers like Tchaikowsky, Puccini, and Debussy, adapting them to be popular songs.

A comical adventure/loved story, set on Maui and two other islands, it embraces the Culture of Hawaii including the Kahuna with his expertise.


JOE, now out of the Service, after seven years in the military abroad, heads for Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii eager to see LEIPOA a girlfriend from the past. On the bus ride from the airport he has a nice conversation with a beautiful local women, KAUI, who arrived from the mainland and is on her way home to Hana.

At the house Leipoa’s mother, HOKULANI, reveals that Leipoa recently passed away in a car accident. But she has a surprise for him: He has a six year old daughter, NANEA. She is a tomboy and very mischievous who pulls pranks on everyone. She perpetrated some abominable practical jokes on Grandma, and she is completely fed up with Nanea and cannot continue to raise her anymore.

Nanea also displays her offensive naughtiness with Joe and he has a hard time bonding with her. A neighbor, MALVINA, has her eyes on Joe and she does her best to charm him, but Nanea pulls off obnoxious stunts on her as well so she hates Nanea and becomes a vehement antagonist. Malvina feels Nanea stands in the way of getting Joe and she convinces him to give Nanea up for adoption at an agency in Hana.

Joe takes the unknowing Nanea with him on a tour van to Hana. They make a routine stop at a beautiful mountain pool. While Joe takes a dip, Nanea notices a text message from Malvina on his phone asking him if he dropped Nanea off at the adoption agency yet. Disturbed and incensed, Nanea texts Malvina back that he’s decided to keep her. Convinced that she can make Joe change his mind, Malvina heads for Hana.

When they arrive at Hana Bay, Nanea, still angry, jumps into the water against Joe’s orders and gets stung by a box jellyfish. Her leg gets red and hot with intense pain. The LIFEGUARD informs them there is no antidote for the deadly venom of the box jellyfish. Nanea’s only hope is to find the MENEHUNE in the rainforest. They will know what to do.

On the way, they meet three wild pigs who cheer Nanea up with their crazy antics and take them to the Menehune. The KING tells Joe that the KAHUNA on the forbidden island of Ni’ihau is the only one that can cure Nanea using an arcane herbal-mineral formula and ancestral Hawaiian prayers.

Joe and Nanea make their way into Hana where they meet LONO from Ni’ihau who promises to take them the next day on his boat to the island. That evening Lono hosts a luau in celebration of his sister Kaui, who was honored Magna cum laude when she received her Master’s Degree.Joe and Kuai meet on the beach and fall in love. Malvina is there and hides in the bushes. She sees the lovebirds kiss and overhears that in the morning Joe will make the journey to Ni’ihau. Jealous and intent on revenge, Malvina sneaks aboard the boat.

Joe is now desperate to find the cure. The Kahuna tells him that the rare herb he needs only grows on the abandoned island of Kaho’olawe, an old practice bombing range which is extremely dangerous with many unexploded bombs. The second item they need is a crystalline mineral from the Hana Cave unusually hazardous with steep cliffs, unstable passageways, ceilings that constantly crumble, and unpredictable rock slides.

On Kaho’ olawe bombs explode all around them. Barely escaping with their lives they find the rare herb and set out for Hana Cave. Making their way through narrow tunnels and unstable passageways, Nanea is now gravely ill and can hardly walk. Joe worries about her and realizes how much he loves his daughter. He is finally able to find the crystal but Malvina sets off a rock slide. Joe loses the crystal and Malvina steals it, but in a very crafty maneuver Joe grabs it again and Malvina scurries away.

Accidentally, Malvina falls down a steep cliff and lands on a ledge. A stone slab falls on her and she is trapped. Joe wishes to save her. He lowers Nanea down and she manages to secure the rope around Malvina. Joe and Lono haul Malvina up while Nanea hangs on. Grateful they saved her, Malvina now loves Nanea and discards all thoughts of revenge against Joe.

As they leave the cave the Kahuna appears. Acting upon his instinct, he comes to save Nanea. Nanea stops breathing. He decocts the magical formula and dribbles it between her lips while he chants the esoteric Hawaiian prayers. ———-Nothing. Joe blanches paralyzed with fear of losing his daughter. Then a few moments later, Nanea takes a breath, opens her eyes, and declares she’s hungry.

Joe and Nanea travel back to Lahaina and Joe’s thoughts go to Kuai. Joe grabs Nanea and together they speed daredevil around the hairpin turns and arrive in Hana. It’s a wedding on the beach. With an extravaganza finale, everybody sings and dances while the Menehune frolic comically and entertain everyone.

Creator Alan Siegel is an ASCAP songwriter and his music is played on the radio every year. He is the composer of “Happy Mother’s Day.” Alan penned a Movie Musical set in Hawaii called “The Road To Hana” and composed all the songs.
Genre A Movie Musical embracing the culture of Hawaii. It is an adventure and love story for kids of all ages and the whole family incorporating drama and comedy and includes the Little people of Hawaii called the Menehune.
Melodies Interwoven with the action are the unforgettable songs adapted from the outstanding melodies of great composers like Tchaikovsky, Puccini, and Debussy.
Market Over thirty million people, at present, have been on the Road To Hana, which creates a ready-made market for the movie.
Merchandise T-shirts “I survived the Road To Hana”
Irridescent crystal of the Hana Cave
HALLMARK Card sings “Happy Mother’s Day”
Sugar Train Locomotive

  • Kahuna
  • King of the Menehune
  • Tomboy Nanea
  • Wild Pigs
  • Hula Dancers

Computer Game: Challanging the hairpins turns
Board Game: Adventures-Island of Bombs, Dangerous Hana Cave, Waterspout, Box Jellyfish
Sountrack of songs


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